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All humans have the same three daily tasks.

They cannot be outsourced or banked. 

1. Interpret Reality

How: Be Humble and Curious

The Prize: Temporary experiences of MEANING and PURPOSE

2. Align With Reality

How: Be a Net Contribution

The Prize: Temporary experiences of being ACCEPTED and USEFUL

3. Shape Your Reality

How: Build, Create, Package and Present.

The Prize: Temporary experiences of being COMPETANT and ADEQUATE

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Prosperous Health, Wealth and Relationships.

Having these locked down at a single snapshot in time is difficult enough.



1. You are not a constant (and neither are those close to you).

Human needs and desires shift with every new stage of life. Much of this is well documented and can be anticipated / designed.

Failure to acknowledge and plan for this leaves your life outcomes up to chance and vulnerable to outside influence. 

2. Your environment is not a constant.

Adaptability = Survival. It's how we ongoingly secure oxygen, water, food, shelter, sex and status.

Individuals too frequently underestimate how little time they have before something that's working becomes ineffective or obsolete.

Especially in highly competitive fields and inefficient fields ripe for disruption. 


3. Your relationship with RISK works for or against you, through TIME. 

Often what is perceived as safe/prudent in the moment carries the highest probabilistic risk of failure long term.

Too often we knowingly watch time erode our options as the problem amplifies. Time is working against you.

Flip this approach to risk (intelligently) and the passing of time will be working for you. 


4. You can only be in one place at a time - Choose your TRADE OFF. 

The spoils of performing well in a meritocracy increasingly outpace the alternative.

Much of life is beyond our control, performance will only be maintained if it's a strategically selected and intentionally chosen priority. 


5. Your agenda may NOT completely align with those closest to you.

This is normal and very common. It's a beneficial design feature, responsible for much of human success as a species.

Some misalignments can be solved, others can't and require your ongoing management.

These issues commonly present when life changes occur in the direction of increasing responsibility and commitment. 

Becoming aware of these differences and developing a framework, to have them working for you, is essential.


6. You have blind spots.

It's incredibly difficult to objectively view your own circumstances.

Doing this alone takes too long, often incurring heavy opportunity cost.

You don't have to do it alone.

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