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Four Minute Friday #10 - Incompetence, Christmas & YT Update.

End of 2023

It's been a big year, some things were done well, many times I fell short.

Upon reflection, a good life often appears different than we think.

The ups and downs of a year can leave you feeling incompetent at our only task "being a human". Here's to 2024, when we work again, to become a slightly less incompetent human than we are at the end of 2023.

Accepting, that we will always be, some degree of incompetent, in many aspects of life is freeing. It's not an excuse to underdeliver, it's a reality that must be worked with to have a chance of overdelivering where we choose to focus our efforts.

Looking forward to this downtime to reflect and recharge and excited for all I have planned in 2024.

An opportunity to start my Christmas break early (right now) has fallen into my lap. It's an offer too good to refuse so I'm jumping on it.

Four Minute Friday will return on the 5th January 2024.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.

YouTube Channel Week 3

I'll keep these updates here for a few weeks while the channel is small as a record of the early phases.

The plan is to offer unique and useful insights into how the different aspects of your life interact with each other, through time.

Links to this week's videos:

How To Know if Someone is Dependable:

The Unintended Consequences of Equality:

Why Men Get Exhausted Living With Women... It's By Design:


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