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Four Minute Friday #8 - YouTube Channel Live & Why We Sleep.

YouTube Channel is LIVE!

The plan is to offer unique and useful insights into how the different aspects of your life interact with each other, thorugh time!

The videos are inspired by problems solved during my career and these will help streamline many of the repetitive conversations I have daily with work.

These topics have resulted in outsized positive change (relative to the smaller input required to implement).

As mentioned previously, I prefer video because tonality, facial expression and pacing can add to the essence of a message. Words on a page, although powerful, only get so far.

I hope you find them useful!

Links to this week's videos:

Using Alcohol As a Tool:

Alcohol: Enjoy More Upside & Less Downside

Rethinking Shoulds: how to identify 'good shoulds'

Being Selfish: The Myth of Multitasking

Boof Review: Why We Sleep - Matthew Walker

In "Why We Sleep," Matthew Walker hits hard with the science behind sleep and the consequences of neglecting it. Sleep is essential for physical and mental health plus creativity and productivity. He also provides tips on how to improve the quality of your sleep, such as by creating a conducive sleep environment, avoiding stimulants, and establishing a regular sleep routine.


Key Takeaways

  1. Sleep is not a luxury, but a necessity: Contrary to what many people believe, sleep is not an optional activity. It is as essential to our survival as food and water. Without adequate sleep, our bodies and minds cannot function optimally, and we are at risk of developing various health problems.

  2. Good sleep can improve our quality of life in many ways: from physical health (e.g., weight management, immune system function) to mental health (e.g., memory consolidation, emotional regulation) and even creativity and productivity.

  3. Sleep is a complex and mysterious process: From the importance of the circadian rhythm (our internal body clock) and the role of different brain regions in sleep and wakefulness.

 The insights from "Why We Sleep" are very impressive and invaluable for navigating change. From establishing new routines to dealing with acutely stressful circumstances, understanding sleep will allow you to leverage the benefits of improved sleep. If you are facing a major life change, recognising the benefits of sleep can help you prioritise self-care so you're in the best possible physical and mental state to handle the task ahead. "Why We Sleep" provides a very compelling case for making sleep a priority in your life, and it can absolutely help you navigate change with more resilience and clarity.


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