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Four Minute Friday #7 - Thought Indulgence, Failure & Video Clip Production.

Thoughts of Indulgence.

How much time do you spend thinking about something you struggle with?

For Example:

People who struggle with weight control frequently think about food/eating.

The thinking could go two ways (or alternate between each).

  1. Enjoyment & Indulgence

  2. Shame & Regret

Today I'm addressing thoughts of enjoyment and indulgence.


People who DON'T struggle with weight control DON'T frequently think about eating/food.

(They may track macros and calories but this is different to indulging in pleasurable thoughts about food/eating).

What do they think about?

Something else, food just doesn't come to mind often!

There's more to this than just a simplistic solution.

If you enjoy daydreaming and indulge in thinking about:

What you will eat for your next meal.

Which place you will buy your lunch.

What you will buy at the grocery store.

Which recipies you want to try (or tweak next time you make them).

If this is you AND you have an issue with weight control, I believe a big part to the solution will come from shifting your focus to something else. Make something else more important and enjoyable in your life than thinking about food.

Of course it's ok to anticipate and enjoy a meal occasionally but doing this for most meals, most days isn't necessary and likely a big contributor to your weight control problem.


Back to the question I started with:

How much time do you spend thinking about something you struggle with?

I appreciate a reoccurring problem you're having, may be more complex. However I invite you to try this first, especially if you've unsuccessfully tried other alterations.

People who don't have your problem don't give any thought to this problem!

They probably have other problems consuming their thoughts.

Where are you at now?

Behind and need to catch up (-1>0)

Stable but want to be better (0>1)

Maintaining through life changes (1>1)

Accomplished with BIG ambitions (1>2)

In this article, we're speaking about thoughts being consumed by negative problems.

This is often a (-1>0) progresion and can quickly result in drastically improved effectiveness.

What Failure Looks Like.

Here's a common example of failure with regard to drinking Alcohol.

"Lately I'm drinking more than I want. I'd like to cut back / stop for a while.

BUT (xyz event) is in two months, I want to have a good time, so I'll start after then"

Failure doesn't always look as we expect.

It's not always grandiose, often its discrete and sinister.

Don't fall for 'all or none' thinking, it's a trap!

I'm all for including alcohol in your life, as long as its role is consciously chosen.

NOW, here's what winning looks like:

Introducing the 2,3,4 Approach:

For the next 2 months:

  • Drink 2 times a week

  • Have 3 drinks on each occasion

  • Be finished 4 hours before you want to start sleeping.

Then, at (xyz event): there are no rules, enjoy yourself!

This version of the 2,3,4 rule will cover, many people, for most circumstances.

I invite you to adapt this approach to your own current circumstances. It's very powerful!

Remember, it's what you do most of the time that has the biggest impact.

Video Format Coming.

I've started producing some work in video format.

Mainly as a way of streamlining some of the repetitive conversations I have daily with work.

As mentioned previously, I prefer video because tonality, facial expression and pacing can add to the essence of a message. Words on a page, although powerful, only get so far.

I'm using a combination of continuous camera and online whiteboard to film short clips. They are intended as useful insights into managing how different aspects of life interact, across time. During my work setting, these topics have resulted in outsized positive change (relative to the smaller input required to implement).

I appreciate separating one's life into 'different aspects' (and managing the interaction between) is an approach appealing more to men. Women usually preferring to thinking about life more wholistically. Nevertheless, the short and sweet clips should have something for everyone!

Example Screenshot:


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