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Four Minute Friday #9 - Your Only 3 Tasks & YT Update.

All Humans Have Three Tasks

All Humans have three tasks.

These must be done every day consciously or unconsciously.

Intentionally or Involuntarily. They cannot be outsourced or banked.

Completing your tasks consciously and intentionally results in a feeling.

Completing your tasks unconsciously and involuntarily results in a feeling.

On any given day there is no way of knowing, in advance, what the feeling will be.

Over time, the first approach pays off but often not in grandiose or imposing fashion.

Just through having less undesirable feelings compared to taking the second approach.

Your Three Daily Tasks:

  • Interpret Reality (Well Enough)

How: Be Humble and Curious

The Prize: Temporary experiences of MEANING and PURPOSE

  • Align With Reality (Well Enough)

How: Be a Net Contribution

The Prize: Temporary experiences of being ACCEPTED and USEFUL

  • Shape Your Reality (Well Enough)

How: Build, Create, Package and Present.

The Prize: Temporary experiences of being COMPETANT and ADEQUATE

Where are you at now?

Behind and need to catch up (-1>0)

Stable but want to be better (0>1)

Maintaining through life changes (1>1)

Accomplished with BIG ambitions (1>2)

Understanding the three daily tasks is something that all stages can benefit from.

Those at the extremes often have the biggest benefit.

(-1>0) Can result in drastically improved effectiveness.

(1>2) Often result in breaking through a current plateau to new exponential results on the other side.

YouTube Channel Week 2

I've posted the image of the shorts here because I've got some traction.

Two of the 4 managed 1000 views (almost).

I'll keep these updates here for a few weeks while the channel is small as a record of the early phases.

The plan is to offer unique and useful insights into how the different aspects of your life interact with each other, through time.

Links to this week's videos:

The first two are shorts that performed well.

The rest are long format (3-5 mins long).

Why Optimists NEED Pessimists:

Multitaskers are Selfish:

How To Be Peaceful & Useful:

Personal Development is NOT Enough:

Belonging, Fitting In and Being Useful:

Is Your Diligence Hurting More Than Helping?


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