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Four Minute Friday #1- Introduction, Podcast & First Ever Tweet

Welcome to Four Minute Friday

Four Minute Friday is intended as a newsletter to share useful insights towards clarity and away from complication, towards contentment and away from commotion.

I'll also be including interesting and relevant happenings from throughout the week.

Some of this will be penned with performance in mind but much will be aimed at fulfilment, through and between, the different phases of life.

Maintaining an objective view of one’s individual circumstances has always been challenging and we know the future will be increasingly rich in confusion and complexity.

Never before has more choice been available. Since we can only be in one place at a time, more choice demands more trade-offs.

In seeking guidance, we are bombarded with information from all directions. Always generalised, often conflicting and misleading. It is easy to lose our sense of purpose and direction. It doesn't have to be this way. By seeking clarity and perspective, we can find a way forward with peace and fulfilment.

It’s arduous to do this alone, especially in a world where close friendships are increasingly rare to find.

Engaging with an insightful, trusted, external perspective, familiar with your individual circumstances, has never been more required…

PriceSquawk Podcast

For those interesting in trading, here's a link to podcast I did back in 2014 about becoming established as a professional trader in a proprietary trading firm in Sydney.

It's hosted by Graham Glover who is a good friend of mine. He's currently working on updating PriceSquawk's renowned audible trading software.

I'm Finally on Twitter (or X to be more accurate).

First Tweet @MikeBarrettAU


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