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Four Minute Friday #3 - Making Change, Social Media & Better Banner

The Super Simple Process to Create What You Want.

I get so much peace, clarity and freedom from this diagram:

To be effective, you must have AGENCY.

Think of Chess.

The board cannot set itself up.

An individual piece has no agency.

The players are separate from the game.

This separateness is required to participate in the game.

Now, imagine a player forgets they are separate from the game.

Instead they believe themselves, to actually be, one of the pawns.

How effective would they be at playing the game?

How would they feel if they are strategically sacrificed?

When immersed in your internal reality:

Whatever thought or emotion you are currently experiencing is believed as true, accurate and permeant. You have no choice over your thoughts and emotions, you're just stuck with the ones you currently have.

When immersed in your external reality:

Whatever people say about, or do to you, is believed to be true, accurate and permanent. You can't select what others say and do, so you're stuck with whatever is currently happening.

When you remember that you live in the space between the internal and external you have agency.

You understand emotions, thoughts and the chatter of others to be no more permanent than a rainy (or sunny) day.

Most importantly, you are then, well placed to assign meaning.

For example, an internal emotion or external comments from others might be useful. Even if harsh or poorly delivered.

Or they might be insignificant in the context of what you're trying to achieve.

Or, they could be an attempt at manipulation (from internal or external) that needs to be treated appropriately.

The more time you spend in the space between internal and external, the more different outcomes become possible. You begin to believe that you can have what you want.

You can have (almost) anything you want, just not everything you want.

Here's How:

1) Identify what you want:

Really search deep and hard otherwise it will just be something superficial.

2) Identify trade-offs that need to be made.

Can you realistically commit to these trade-offs and are you willing to make them?

3) Make a plan and commit to the trade-offs

The current version of yourself doesn't get the result you want.

A focused and enhanced version of yourself is needed to get the result.

4) Make all decisions and take all actions as the person that already has the outcome you want.

Move away from the thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions of your current self.

They belong to a version of yourself that you have outgrown.

Increasingly think, feel, emote and act as the person that has what you want.

5) Understand that time needs to pass, don't judge your progress for at least a month (or more), just keep going.

This takes time, it will feel unfamiliar.

Execute the plan anyway.

This is a death and rebirth, both are painful.

If you're still reading, you have a reason.

Daring to become someone else is risky but so is staying the same.

You're also closer than you think, you can build unstoppable momentum in just 4 weeks.

Where are you at now?

Behind and need to catch up (-1>0)

Stable but want to be better (0>1)

Maintaining through life changes (1>1)

Accomplished with BIG ambitions (1>2)

Through my observation, the fastest transformations are often (-1>0).

But only for those who start.

If you're wondering about the "Channel of life" from the diagram, that's for next week...

My Brief Take on Using Social Media.

From 2016 until this year, I didn't use social media.

I had a Facebook account throughout but logged on less than once a year.

I wasn't actively avoiding social media (except for a decision to not use dating apps), I just couldn't see a worthwhile use for social media in my life.

This year I've started being more active on fb and created both LinkedIn and Twitter (X) accounts for the first time.

My reasoning is that, for all the shortcomings of social media, it also has huge advantages.

Knowing how to effectively conduct yourself in different online spaces will only become more important going forward.

I'll expand on this next week with my takes on:

- The similarities and differences between online and offline life.

- The incentives & traps.

- My personal Rules of Engagement for participating in social media.

My New X Banner (yes, another one).

I'll explain the pyramid of cubes in due course.


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